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Excel - Building Formulae
Many people in the workplace use Excel spreadsheets that have been created by other people. They are not complete beginners with spreadsheets but are not confident about how they operate. They would like to acquire a basic understanding of how to create formulas and functions and how they work. If you recognise this scenario, this course is designed to help you.

SolidWorks - Section 1 Basics and User Interface
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SolidWorks - Section 2 Introduction to Sketching
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Increasing the number of Black Country companies taking on apprentices is one of the key targets for the Black Country Local Enterprise Partnership and Skills Factory project.

We have recently compiled an Apprenticeships Mythbuster to address some queries that you may have about taking on an apprentice. To download the mythbuster, click here.

The following film showcases the Skills Factory's work to increase the number of SMEs taking on engineering apprentices in the Black Country:

Looking for apprentices?

Although applications for subsidies have now closed, the Skills Factory is still supporting employers who are looking to take on engineering apprentices.

The team can offer employers impartial advice and support regarding apprenticeships and can signpost employers to local colleges or training providers based on their needs.

So if you have a specific type of apprentice in mind, who will require training on a particular type of machinery (i.e. CNC machine), the Skills Factory can help identify the relevant training provider(s) in the region and signpost accordingly.

Benefits of apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are a valuable way in which to increase skills in the workforce and help eliminate skills gaps in industry by encouraging and growing new talent in the area. 

Watch this short video from the UKCES about the benefits of apprentices: 

For further advice on how to get started with apprenticeships, please contact Skills Factory Director, Colin Parker, on 07944 268709 or e-mail Colin_Parker@blackcountryconsortium.co.uk