Local Labour Market Intelligence

Labour Market Intelligence (LMI)  is vital in ensuring that careers advice and guidance (for both school pupils and adults) reflects an understanding of what business and jobs are available in the locality. LMI should give an understanding of the demographics of the locality as well as key sectors, job trends, key strategic businesses and what opportunities exist within the locality.

There are many sources of LMI across the country and region,  however by their nature many of these do not focus in great detail on specific detailed localities.

'Very Local' Labour Market Information

The Black Country Skills Factory has created the Black Country 'Very Local' Labour Market Information to meet this requirement.

The Very Local Labour Market Information comprises of 30 'Town Maps' covering the Black Country and 5 'Key Sector' Dashboards for each Local Authority Area (Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall and Wolverhampton).

Click on the buttons below for the relevant Labour Market Intelligence maps / dashboards: