Manufacture your Future

Matthew Hancock, Minister of State for Skills & Enterprise, joined the Skills Factory in summer 2014 to launch Manufacture your Future – a pioneering UK project that provides inspiring careers guidance aimed at changing perceptions of careers in engineering and manufacturing and signposting young people, parents, teachers and careers professionals to the opportunities available in the sector.

Manufacture your Future

13 - 16 year olds will be able to put the innovative Manufacture your Future resources to the test by mapping out their manufacturing careers with three pathways all leading to an earning potential of £35,000. The portfolio of resources is the only suite of manufacturing careers resources of its kind in the UK. It includes:

• The QuadRun app - an interactive and fun game developed locally which used Augmented Reality to challenge young people to put their skills to the test. It also included information on High Value Manufacturing (HVM), career pathways and information on inspiring manufacturing role models.

A Careers Folder containing the Career Map and Career Wheel which highlight career pathways in the sector including academic, vocational, apprenticeship routes, qualifications, potential costs, job roles and salaries. The Folder also includes information on HVM in the Black Country, the Skills Factory and manufacturing role models.

Careers pack

QuadRun trigger image

Why do we need Manufacture your Future?

The Black Country has the highest UK concentration of advanced manufacturing, so there is a need to expand our skills base.  Companies provide specific information on gaps and the Skills Factory aligns this to where provision is available and works with training providers to develop training at all the levels needed by business. 

Manufacture your Future is a practical example of rebalancing the economy by changing perceptions of modern manufacturing for the next generation. Recent research indicated 1 in 5 young people will need to become an engineer if the UK is to address severe skills shortages.

The project was rolled out across the Black Country in schools, colleges and at career fairs. 

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